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I have worked in the windows environment since 1993 when I set my father’s computer up with windows 3.1.1. Man, things have changed and changed for the better with Windows. I went through every incarnation of windows so far and while I enjoyed the stability of XP I am really enjoying the stability and raw power of Windows Vista. There are many features that set Vista apart from the other versions of windows. People have been focusing on the negative aspects of Vista and I can honestly tell you that I have not had compatibility issues, upgrade remorse or really anything negative with my experience with Vista.

The look and feel of Vista is very slick, you can put widgets on your desktop like a photo gallery and a weather widget. And I know that at least one person in my family is so into the weather that she really likes being able to see the current weather on her desktop constantly. I have noticed a few things that I enjoy. For instance on the taskbar you can put your mouse over an open program and a preview screen comes up, if that open program happens to be a movie or podcast that is playing it will play in that tiny window, sometimes I blog and watch podcasts that way.

Allison and I each have our own sessions to open and with that we are able to have totally separate experiences. I find this much easier with windows Vista than with previous versions. I would say that you need to make sure you get plenty of RAM, you are not going to get the greatest experience possible unless you invest in a little hardware upgrade.

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  1. We are running home premium. And with 4GB of RAM even though only 3GB are recognized. I should have gotten the 64bit version when I was making my decision.

  2. I think it is funny you used the word fart in a sponsored post.

    I know it is a typo and I am not picking on you for that (I can;t you have read my stuff) I think it is hysterical though. Stick it to the man

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