iTunes Movie Rentals

I rented my 1st movie from iTunes on the 13th. I thought I could transfer it to my iPod classic but apparently I could not. I was disappointed to say the least. Today I connected my iPod Touch to the computer and set it up for the 1st time ever. This is a sweet product. I received it from coComment for integrating my blogs with the coComment system for my comments. I do a full on review of the iPod Touch as soon as I play around with it.

The movie rental. When I connected the iPod Touch and began syncing a few things. Some podcasts, some music and a few other things (it is only 8GB so I had to pick and choose, so far for size I still like the classic.) I was also able to transfer the rented movie to the iPod Touch. So I did. Then I went and upgraded the iPod Touch software and lost the movie. I contacted iTunes and within minutes they helped me get the movie back. That is the kind of customer service that makes me take notice. I was very impressed.

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6 thoughts on “iTunes Movie Rentals”

  1. Michael,
    I think it is a matter of preference and personal ethics. The free movies are not legal copies. I’m not comfortable stealing movies. I’m also not passing judgement on anyone who decides to do that.

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