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I guess I had some good timing and good luck today because I was able to find the Skylanders Adventure Pack Empire of Ice with figure Slam Bam in it. This is a figure that was released a few weeks ago but was gone from all of the stores. I thought that maybe it would be at the store this past Wednesday when I went to the Skylanders Event at Toys R Us. No such luck. That event only had previously released characters except for any that I actually needed. Tonight I just happened to pop in to Target and there it was on the rack. I quickly grabbed it, checked for any other new single characters and made my way around the rest of the store.

While I was at the store I saw one of my friends from High School whom I had not seen for years. It was so nice to run into her. She said to me that she had been thinking about me just one day prior and had run across my blog through Lane Sutton’s blog where she saw that a photo I had taken of Lane had my credentials and a link to my blog.

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4 Responses to “I’ve got a New Skylanders Adventure to Complete”

  1. TheNextMartha says:

    We went to 2 different stores today. They’ve been cleaned out of everywhere. My son would freak out if he saw that set.

    • Drew says:


      That’s the thing about this game, it is sold out everywhere, everywhere. I try all the time to find them and am lucky once in a while. Today was a lucky day.

  2. […] That was great but after they left the neighbor across the way who owns the four wheeled chainsaw pictured above proceeded to run that for three straight hours. Our bedroom is right next to the street and so I just heard the whirr, whirr whine of the engine over and over. I tried music, I tried music and a sleep mask. I tried reading to make myself pass out. Nothing worked, so I got up and now my new Slam Bam figure is almost fully upgraded on Skylanders. […]

  3. Julie says:

    Wow! My son would be totally happy about this figure, he is crazy about skylanders.
    Look at what Julie wrote blog post ..porcelain crowns

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