You might notice some changes coming in the next few weeks as I have switched to the new Blogger. It is now out of Beta and I took the chance and switched over my 1830 posts on The BenSpark. Yikes, the switchover was actually quicker than one of my template changes being uploaded but it did take that extra special amount of time because the blog is so big.

Now I can do cool things like label my posts. It will make navigation of the site much easier. If I write a movie post I will label it movie, Photo-A-Day will be labeled as such. I am very excited to kick the tires of this new Blogger. It already seems so very cool.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Yeah, I am loving the new blogger – glad you made the switch, but, man! That must’ve just stopped your heart for a minute there!

    Glad it all went so smoothly!

  2. Drew says:

    yes indeed. 3 years of posts that could have been totally wiped out, that would have been a bad day.

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