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Today we took Eva over to Attleboro Farms after Church. Our friend Greg owns the place and his wife Adrienne went to school with me but met Allison through Swimming lessons at the YMCA. I swear Allison makes more connections with my old friends through the YMCA. Whenever I went there I hardly ever saw anyone I knew. However, it is great that the YMCA has so many programs and that Allison and Eva can go to them together.

At Attleboro Farms there was a bounce house, popcorn, and face painting. We started with the bounce house and there was another little girl in there with Eva so I didn’t take any pictures. I suppose I could have asked the kids mom if it was okay if I took pictures of Eva while her kid was in the house. I always feel a little weird about that. I’ve got to get over it though. Watching Eva have fun without having the camera with me was nice though. She would run up to the sides and we would touch hands and she would bounce off and fall over, again and again. She loved it.

After bouncing Eva sat so still and quiet while she had her face painted. I took a few shots as she did that.

Holding Still

Like my Ghost

So Serious

All Done

After that we ran over to BJ’s to do some shopping. We were pretty wiped out when we were done so when we came home Eva went down for a nap (she fell asleep practically before we left the parking lot.) I fell asleep for 2 hours as well. All these conferences catching up with me. Well it is back to the grind tomorrow. One more week till Halloween. Can’t wait.

With Halloween coming I have been thinking of what my costume will be. Eva will be Tinkerbell and I thought maybe Peter Pan but I doubt that green tights are my thing. I did contribute to the Raging Tech Contest for the Win a “Blogger Costume” in this EPIC Halloween Giveaway Contest. I met Raging Tech (David Myers) at IZEAFest and he’s a great guy. So when he asked me if I’d contribute something to the Halloween Costume I said sure and I sent him a BenSpark.com water bottle. David got a number of other things as well for the costume like:

Your “Blogger Costume” is going to include:

  • $100 worth of Sponzai sponsor credit towards guest posts courtesy of IZEA
  • An XShot camera extender from XShot
  • Two (2) Pokens courtesy of Poken Girl
  • 500 high-quality business cards courtesy of UPrinting.com
  • A BenSpark.com water bottle courtesy of Drew from BenSpark.com
  • 10 hours of Technology Concierge Service and a copy of Crush It! by Gary V, courtesy of Raging Tech

How to Win:

  • 10 Entries: Make a YouTube / Vimeo video and tell us in at least 30 seconds but no more than 2 minutes who your favorite blogger is and why you’d want to be them for Halloween! Be sure to comment here with the link and tag your video with the following keywords:
    ragingtech, xshot, izea, blogger costume, uprinting, poken, twitter-yourusernamehere
  • 5 Entries Each: Write a blog post (approximately 250 words or more) about one of our sponsors with a link back to the sponsor’s web site, and a link to this contest so your readers have a chance to win, too! (Make sure we can contact you, leave a comment with the link)
  • 3 Entries: Sign up on SocialSpark.com (an IZEA property) to meet advertisers and other bloggers in a social networking community. Friend me, Raging Tech for your contest entry to count. Also look for opportunities by some of our sponsors (like XShot) that can earn you extra money! After you’ve signed up, be sure to join the “I’m Not a Famous Blogger” Insiders crew!
  • 3 Entries: Sign up for Sponsored Tweets (another IZEA property) using this link and start making money (ethically) with your Twitter account. All sponsored tweets are disclosed with a hashtag to indicate they are sponsored.
  • 2 Entries: Leave a comment below about how you would use 500 business cards from UPrinting.com.
  • 1 Entry: Tweet a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the name of your favorite blog or blogger (blog her?) and be sure to mention @XShot and @ragingtech in your tweet.
  • 1 Entry: Leave a comment to let us know who you’re going to give the second Poken to, and why.

More ways to win will be announced in the next 15 days. Keep checking back and follow @ragingtech on Twitter for updates.

For the Win (Fine Print and such):

The winner of this freakin’ fantastic EPIC Halloween “Blogger Costume” giveaway will be selected on October 31st, Halloween night from an Excel spreadsheet I’m going to compile of all your entries, then I will use Random.org and select a winner. The winner will be announced by midnight here on Raging Tech in the form of a blog post. Some prizes will be delivered electronically, the rest by USPS to valid deliverable mailing addresses. Winner will have 24 hours (Midnight at the end of Sunday) to respond or a new winner will be selected. I am obligated by new FTC regulations to declare that PokenGirl gave me an extra Poken to keep and review, and UPrinting.com provided me with 250 business cards to hold this giveaway but I contributed my 250 to the contest. No other sponsors provided me personally with compensation for this giveaway.

Enter to WIN your ultimate “blogger costume” from Raging Tech before Midnight, October 31st 2009!

I’d go enter the contest right away however I already have all the things on the list. So is the blogger in question that you are going to dress up as, me? I wonder.

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  1. It was a beautiful day yesterday. glad to hear you got out and enjoyed it. Looks like Eva was having a good time. That seagull I sent you a picture of was perched on a post at the parking lot by the beach. Let me know how to vote for Eva.

    1. Dad,
      I liked the seagull photo. I was amazed at how close you could get without it flying away. Yesterday was a nice day and getting out with Eva was fun. She really enjoyed the bounce house, the face painting and that wore her out enough to take a nap. I did too.

      To vote for Eva you click the link that says vote for Eva. You have to create an account at the Gap and then you can vote. Each link goes to a different voting section, one for each photo. She has three photos and you can vote for all of them.

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