I am a Jeans and T-Shirt kind of guy. I cannot wait to get home each day and get out of my work clothes and put on my comfy jeans and a snarky, funny, comfy t-shirt. If you recall I got a ton of them at Blog World Expo and even had to expertly repack my suitcase so I could add those additional 16 shirts to the mix. I even made my own shirt at Zazzle. I however am not as clever or funny as the folks at Crazy Dog. They have some very funny ones, I like the “Stay Golden” one and the “I found it” one. I am sure I did that in high school once or twice.

Crazy Dog is one of my new Affiliates through SocialSpark. I’d take a look through their selection for that funny T for your favorite T-Shirt wearing friends. There is some funny stuff at Crazy Dog. I especially like the 80’s T section because there are Transformers and Thundercats T-Shirts and even an A-Team one.

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7 Responses to “Jeans and T-Shirt Guy”

  1. stephen says:

    FYI X is 54.589

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks, is it always 54.589 or just for that shirt?

  3. Mark says:

    Ben…I’m w/ you bro! I myself am a jeans/t-shirt kinda guy as well. I usually wear polo type shirts though. Here is why. I’m 6’6″ and it’s hard for me to find regular t-shirts. When I find them – they are 100% cotton. Well, you know what that does the first time I wash it.

    Anyway…thanks for the post. Also – about the 80’s shirts – A-Team was my fav during that era (besides Magnum P.I.). I’ll have to check out Crazy Dog.

    • Marc says:


      Is that all you wear during the summer too? Just jeans and t-shirts!! If so what brand jeans? I like mine too!!

  4. Drew says:

    The A-Team was one of my favorite shows growing up too.

  5. Marc says:

    I agree with you. Because of my profession though I have to wear suits to work since I meet with clients all day. The minute I get home though I slip on my faviorate pair of jeans and t-shirt. Even during the summer I wear jeans. I guess I like jeans more than shorts!! Jeans ROCK!

    • Drew says:

      Wearing suits is not something I would want to do every day. I would still like jeans each and every day.

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