Journey into History

Photo-A-Day #2692

Today we drove up to North Conway, NH because we are spending time with Allison’s Parents and her Brother, Sister-in-Law and their kids at StoryLand. We got a fairly early start to drive up and made very good time. We were at the NH border in no time flat and then the long trek up route 16 to North Conway. However, along the way we made a very special stop at the Poor People’s Pub. This place will always hold a special place in my heart because when I was a kid my family had a house in Wakefield, NH. We’d go up for two weeks each summer and one of the highlights was dinner at the Poor People’s Pub.

There were a lot of fun things at the Poor People’s Pub for kids. Each time we went there were coloring pages and plenty of crayons to color with. I loved the pizza and one of our favorites was the mushroom pizza. There was a Pac-Man game (it’s still there) and the bathrooms had funny sayings on them (“Shake it” and “Wipe it”). And when the meal was over you’d get a sour two tone lollipop.

It was a nice meal and Eva and I colored in a Poor People’s Pub coloring page. I got my pizza and we all enjoyed lollipops at the end of the meal. I was glad to share this special place with Eva. And eventually when Andrew gets older and we go back up to Storyland again this will be nice to share with him too.

We continued on and got to the Golden Gables Inn where we’d stay for the night. We unpacked and then Allison’s brother and sister-in-law arrived. We all headed over to StoryLand. There was a deal that allowed you to buy passes after 3pm and you get a full day ticket for another day. We made our way around the park and did a bunch of fun things like the Swan Boats, Cinderella’s Castle and a roller coaster. Eva loves them.

We had a nice afternoon and then headed back to the Inn for dinner. Allison’s parents picked up pizza and subs and we enjoyed them at a picnic table in the back yard of the Inn. There was a pool and a playground as well as some tables and tents for people to use. The kids played some more and then we got a good night’s sleep for our second day at StoryLand.

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