Saw a 32GB thumb drive on Gizmodo. 32GB is pretty sweet for a thumb drive however it is priced at $399.00 and that is after a price drop. Seems a bit too pricey for me especially when you can buy an iPod or other MP3 device and use it as a storage drive but you can also use it for music, photos and with a Zune you get radio too. So I really can’t see paying well beyond the price for one of those devices for a thumb drive that just does data storage.

I want my tech to do it all for me. When I look for data storage, I also want to access my media. When I buy a watch I want to know what the barometric pressure and what time it is in Tokyo. I was looking at a sweet D&G watch that had three different time zones. that is what I expect in a watch, more information than i would ever truly need. And that is what I expect with my tech. so keep your 32GB thumb drives. Unless of course they have a 3.5in screen speaker jack and oh year more functionality.

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