Photo-A-Day #1953

Train to New York – Good ride, was a delay but no big deal. Caught up on a bunch of podcasts. I am loving the iPad. Allison is also enjoying hers. She is now into podcasts. Knitting podcasts and there are quite a few of them. So as she knit and watched knitting podcasts I tweeted and watched comedy podcasts.

When we arrived we got into the taxi line and while we waited we were surprised. We were surprised by none other than Chris Brogan. We had just gotten to the front of the line and I felt a pull on my backpack. I was flustered and turned around to see a very tall bearded man grabbing on to me. It took me a moment to realize that it was Chris. Good thing he takes tons of photos of himself that he is instantly recognizeable.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 13, 2010
Camera: Canon Point and Shoot
(Aff Link)
Model: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
(My Flickr)
ISO: n/a
Exposure: 1/20sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 4.6mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Manual
Lens: Manual

So after that we hopped right into our cab and headed to our hotel. We had been cooped up in the train and the cab for four hours so we dropped off our stuff and then took a walk down to Time’s Square to work the kinks out. It was a very nice moderate night.

Can I just say that I love the ice cream trucks on the streets. They have double cones and can do cool things like mix dipped topping and crunchies or jimmies or peanuts. Mix them! That is exactly what I want sometimes. The ice cream itself has a different taste and is not Dairy Queen, it is good but different. So we each got cones and walked around.
After a little time in Time’s Square we headed to bed.

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3 Responses to “Just a Small Town Girl”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Brogan, BenSpark. BenSpark said: That was hilarious, after it was over. 🙂 RT @chrisbrogan: In this scene, I scare @BenSpark and his wife in New York- […]

  2. Mo says:

    Great photo of Allison!! LOVE it!! 🙂

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