Just Bizarre…

So, today when I read Shortpacked and David Willis’ blog there was a link that said.

Fallen angels attack Noah’s Ark with an army of dinosaurs, which God defeats with lasers.

It is a detailed account of what really happened to the dinosaurs and how Noah’s Ark was pure fact (A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs). Apparently, you can make this stuff up. You can buy the whole comic book here along with some of his other comic books, like the one where he usess Star Wars to tell bible stories (The Great Controversy, the Real STAR WARS).

The website for Jim Pinkoski is very interesting. Obviously it is full of ideas that never once entered my head. Probably not yours either. But none the less it is an interesting website and there is just so much “real”, “factual” information throughout the site.

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