Karaoke Fun!

Karaoke was much fun on Saturday night. Dinner was tasty, the company was great and the karaoke wasn’t bad either! The begining of the evening was dominated by singers from our group, but after a little while others began to join in the fray.

I did take some pictures but couldn’t figure out how to get them set up right for Blogging purposes, so I’ll have Drew post them when he returns from Snowshoeing.

I spoke with Drew Sunday morning, they had a great dinner Saturday night and were looking forward to getting out on the trail. I’m sure he’ll have TONS of details for you! And he’ll change the Trivia Topic tomorrow!

For your viewing enjoyment, here are the pictures that Allison took, sorry no snappy titles to these since I wasn’t there. I’m working on the snowshoeing post. Many pictures for you tomorrow. – DREW

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