Photo-A-Day #3379

Today we were being visited by my in-laws. Rather than wait around for them to arrive and have both kids underfoot as we attempt to get the house ready I decided to take Andrew out of the equation and take him kayaking with me. This would give us a little time together out of the house and give Allison one less kid to entertain/worry about. It also helped that she could go to the store with only one of the kids. Andrew tends to make the supermarket visit a bit challenging.

Andrew did pretty well in the kayak with me. Having the whole seat to himself was a plus. He didn’t fidget around, too much and I only had to have him pull his hands out of the water a couple of hundred times. At one point I splashed him a bit with the paddle to get his attention. He loved it and wanted to be splashed more. That backfired.

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One Response to “Kayaking with Andrew”

  1. Alex says:

    That’s awesome man, I love taking my nephews with me kayaking. They spend way too much time playing xbox and watching TV that I feel its my duty to take them out on fishing trips (they are older now)