Kayaking with kids…

On Thursday night as Allison and I took a tour of the hospital where I child is to be born my mind began to wander. I quietly walked by each healthcare cart that will hold a computer that will be used to monitor Allison and our new baby. I thought about the future and when I can finally introduce my child to kayaking.

I am really looking forward to getting a tandem kayak so that I can take our child with us on the boats. First I will have to get a boat that has enough room to put the child, I don’t say baby because I know I would be too nervous about taking a baby on the water, even if we just go a little ways off shore. I want to make sure that our child can swim and not panic in the water before we take them out there. So I figure a tandem kayak is in my future, just like a minivan is also in my future, but not today.

I’ve read a few posts and comments and articles about kayaking with kids and I will check into these more throughout my child’s life, but I will also offer my own experiences of paddling with children once we do so.

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  1. Tandem kayaks are great. My dad was also an avid kayaker, and as far back as I can remember, he used to bring me kayaking. I loved every memory with him out on the water.

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