Kelso – Pet of the Week

Update!: Kelso has been Adopted!

“KELSO”- Neutered Male- Shorthaired White with Grey. Approx: 5 years. “I am just sitting back at the shelter, waiting for that special family to walk through the door and just fall in love with me. I was in a home for awhile, but, I kind of had some issues. I really need to be a house cat but I also need some fresh air and safe outdoor time. I was hoping for a nice screened porch, or maybe a 6 foot vinyl fence that I can’t climb!! Other than that, I’m just kind of like a white version of Garfield – I’m a total mush and beyond laid back. I love attention but I’m also not a pest. I’m also pretty neat looking – different markings, a cauliflower ear and eyes that just win you over. I wouldn’t mind a cat buddy as long as they are like me – laid back and undemanding. So come on down and visit.”

You can find me for adoption at The North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

Take a look at my other friends on Drew’s Flickr Gallery for the North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

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5 thoughts on “Kelso – Pet of the Week”

  1. Name taken from That 70s Show? 😀
    Like this Kelso (Kutcher) ? 😀

    Anyway… looks cute 😉

  2. Even i hope that it will be fun adopting a cat.I think adopting pets do help us alot not only emotionally but in many ways too.

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