Kids at La Salette Shrine – Christmas 2017

Kids at La Salette
Photo-A-Day #4625

We made a last minute decision to head over to LaSalette Shrine to see the lights tonight. When Allison and the kids came home from school we weren’t in the mood to make anything for dinner so we decided that we’d do our annual La Salette trip. We got there right before the lights went on. We left in such a hurry, however that both Allison and I left our wallets at home. That was unfortunate because we were going to go to Bliss for dinner. So, while Allison and the kids walked through the Nativity sets I ran home for the wallet. Luckily for us we live right around the corner from La Salette.

We enjoyed the lights very much. As we walked around the pond Eva and Allison took turns reading the Christmas Alphabet signs. Eva did a really good job considering that they were all in a cursive script. Andrew even helped out a little. It wasn’t too cold, but it had snowed the day before and so a few places were closed. Mostly spots with steps.

After our trek around the shrine we went to Bliss for dinner. Out annual post La Salette meal was a good one. Although my order came out first messed up but went back and was fixed. I do love their burgers. I had been getting the Bliss Specials for years but now they have a Blue Cheese burger and I like that even more. And, of course, this is the one day during the Winter that we have ice cream.

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