Kids Day at the Zoo

Kids Day at the Zoo
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Today we took Eva to the Capron Park Zoo. The zoo just opened their water park area, it is a great little spot for kids to run around and splash and spray water. It was totally packed at the zoo because today Sturdy Memorial sponsored a free day at the zoo. We had no clue that it was today, we just figured that we would take Eva to the zoo. She loves the animals. We pulled in and as I was getting Eva out of the car she shrieked “Cited!!” I just love how excited she is about seeing the animals.

We got in the large line (never had a line before, this was odd) and waited. When we got to the front a young woman asked our names and if we were on a list. I thought “Oh no there is some exclusive event and now we have to go home.” However I was pleasantly surprised to find that today was free admission and there were gifts and snacks for the kids.

We bopped around for a while and saw the animals and then we got in line to get Eva’s gift bucket. Sturdy made up a ton of blue pails with white lids that were also Frisbees, they also included some fishes and cookies. This will be a fun little toy for the beach.

We saw all the animals and then went to the playground. Eva loves both the slide and the swings. She even played on the Bouncy Zebra.

Bouncy Zebra
Eva enjoyed the bouncy zebra at the Capron Park Zoo playground.

Loving the Swings
Eva has so much fun on the swings.

Hokey Pokey
Eva did a great hokey pokey before she went down the slide.

We had a wonderful morning at the zoo which also included a little picnic by Lemur Island. That was followed by a nice nap and then we watched Bolt. Cute movie, Eva seemed to enjoy it a bit.

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10 thoughts on “Kids Day at the Zoo”

  1. I agree- you captured a great moment with your daughter dancing on the slide platform! Mid-action shot! If you just brighten it up a bit in photoshop, and crop it, you’ll have a frameable shot.

  2. Dina,
    That would be fun, not sure if we’ll be able to do that. Just so much cool stuff going on while we will be down in Florida.

  3. Dina,
    I’m looking for hours in the day and they are few and far between. I have so much that I need to do on that front.

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