This Labor Day instead of the usual Jimmy Buffett afternoon we were on the Cape. This morning My Dad and I kayaked around The Coonamessett Farm Pond. It started as a windy morning and as we crossed the pond the weather turned very tranquil. It is such a great place to go and kayak. There is a photo below of the landing at the pond.

My sister Tara and her husband Erik came down with their two dogs, Taylor and Daisy. Taylor is the retriever mix and Daisy is a German pointer mix. They are both Southern Belles, as they came to us from Mississippi (Daisy) and North Carolina (Taylor). Those two caused quite a ruckus at the house as they chased Shelby’s two cats, Hannah and Lilla around the house. Hannah christened the kitchen. Ahh Lysol orange and cat piss, how aromatic.

The beach was very windy today but the water was wavy and warm. I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend and hopefully a fun day with the families.

The landing at Coonamessett Farm Pond
The landing at The Coonamessett Farm Pond
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae

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