Language Barrier

Photo-A-Day #2663

Monday was a non stop day where I got out of work and drove out to Leicester, MA for a Hot Dog Story along the National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour. The spot we went to was Hot Dog Annie’s. We had an interesting time there and it was the first stop along tour that Hot Dog Man had to shell out some green. It seems that there was a bit of a language barrier at this location where the people working there thought that Hot Dog Man was trying to sell them something. No one wanted to do the National Hot Dog month thumbs up and they didn’t answer the questions. That and it was in the middle of nowhere. Very interesting stop.

I got home took a short nap after playing LEGO for a couple hours with Eva. Dinner and then I went to see The Dark Knight Rises to prepare for an episode of the podcast formerly known as Geek Dads Weekly and now known as Zap!. All the guys were to go see the movie so we could do a show on it. I was the only one to see it.

How was the movie? It was a very good movie and a great capper to the trilogy. The acting was good and the twists and turns were unexpected but were expected but still surprises in how they were revealed. Sadly every moment of the movie was tarnished by a madman in Colorado. I can’t even count how many times I checked over my shoulder or jumped at things that wouldn’t have made me jump any other day.

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