Last? Day in Implementation…

Today should be my last day in the implementation group. However tomorrow I head off to Baltimore for a LIVE visit. And when I return I’ll still be in implementation for a day to process the paperwork from the LIVE visit.

The Good: This site has been (mostly) working hard on all aspects of the installation. I may be able to see the Red Sox play at Camden Yards. There will be other specialists here to hang out with.

The Bad: The site is so demanding I may never get to the game. I’m anticipating that I will remain at the hospital from the moment I get there tomorrow afternoon till 3 or 4 in the morning, if I am lucky.

The Ugly: The Bloodbank at the hospital woke up a week ago and realized that they’ve done next to nothing to prepare for the transition. EVERYTHING is top priority.

So, today I try and clean up the loose ends that I can while I finish packing up my desk to move to my new desk downstairs. Then tomorrow morning I head to the airport and off to a ‘fun-filled’ weekend in Baltimore. I’ll put up photos throughout the weekend if I get a chance to take any in Inner Harbor or the surrounding area.

Andy, you’ve got two more chances to pull ahead and win the trivia challenge for the month. I have closed the gap as you can see.

On Friday I will change the trivia topic, if anyone has suggestions please e-mail me.

Also Allison made a kick ass southwestern beef stew last yesterday. I’ll ask her to post the recipe. It was no French Onion Soup but then again, what is?

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