Today Peter and I went down to Temple, TX to observe some demonstrations. After the demonstrations we picked up a convoy with Roseanne in tow. We stopped at the Harley Davidson of Temple, TX and I picked up a pin. Then we headed up to Waco and stopped at Logan’s Roadhouse. Then off to Dallas to our next Hotel. There is a great radio station down here that plays mostly 80’s music so we were bopping along to the sounds of Def Lepard and more. We got to the hotel and hung out for a bit than the three of us went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.00 Margaritas and $0.50 chicken wings. And when we got there the margaritas were only $0.99 each. Whoo Hooo! More pictures…

Harley Davidson of Waco at 70+MPH.
Caught it pretty good too.

Just liked this sign.

All the chairs look like this, pretty nice logo.

Wings and Margaritas, awesome!

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