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Back when I lived in NH, right after college, when the dating pool dried up and cracked, I thought I would go out and learn to dance at a local dance studio. I went to learn how to swing dance. I thought, yeah that s how I would meet women in my area. Well, I met their mothers. I was pretty much the youngest guy there and since I didn’t have a partner I was partnered up with a mother and daughter who had decided to do this together. The daughter was 15 and the mother was probably in her forties. Both lovely ladies but neither were going to be more than dance partners. Luckily I met Allison a few years later and found the woman I love and who will be my dance partner for the rest of my life.

Seeing as we are about to have a baby soon there isn’t much time for dance lessons and that is why SalsaCrazy’s Salsa Dance BootCamp, a dance instructional website, is a good idea for us. For one thing it is totally online and we can learn many different styles of dance including many I had never heard of before like bachata. I looked it up on wikipedia and found that bachata is a dance that originated in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. This style of dance has been influenced by the merengue and the music is strongly guitar based.

As a member of Salsa Dance BootCamp we would have access to salsa dance videos as well as dvds that could be sent to us. We could put the little bambino to bed and dance those hours away. I do like to dance however I just am not skilled enough to really enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “Learn to Dance, online…”

  1. How neat is this! Just like the movie “Shall We Dance?” (I saw American and Japanese versions of it during the last loooooooong winter). Anna and Danielle took salsa classes in Hartford a few years ago. Didn’t work for them, either!

  2. I liked the Richard Gere version of Shall We Dance. I really enjoyed it. I am not sure if I saw the Japanese version though. I love movies so I would see all sorts of them and I knew that the us version was based on the Japanese one.

  3. “Shall we dance”,I love Jlo she’s the best, she was taught by Louis something, the star´s choreographer. I found this website where can find 8 different dance styles if anyone interested come2shop.info/dance-like-stars.htm

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