Learning Where Our Food Comes From

Photo-A-Day #2638

Our family is part of a CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture) which translates to a weekly share of fresh vegetables and other crops. We are part of this CSA with other friends and tonight we went to Attleboro Farms with the kids to learn more about where their food comes from. Our friend Greg has been doing the bulk of the work to get the CSA up and running and he was so good with the kids teaching them about each of the crops that were planted. The kids got to pick their ow tomatoes and also got to try peas. In addition to that the kids got to plant some squash. It was a wonderful night and we had a lot of fun.

Along the lines of learning where our food comes from I went to Pearl Meats yesterday morning and learned how hot dogs were made. I was there with Rob Merlino, The Hot Dog Man and we filmed the process. Rob put up the video today.

Look for these and many more videos all through July as we tour a bunch of locations in New England. Here is the tour schedule. Subject to change.

And on another note, you might enjoy this humorous video.

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