Leave the Beaten Path to find Your Own Way

Photo-A-Day #1736

Sunday is Allison’s birthday. Tonight my sister Tara made dinner for us as well as some very tasty gluten free cupcakes. Eva found them very tasty and went to work on the chocolate, chocolate-chip frosting.

Enjoying cupcakes
Enjoying Cupcakes

Gluten Free Cupcakes
Gluten Free Chocolate, Chocolate Chip frosted cupcakes

This morning when I went for my snowshoe walk I noticed that after two trips around the field I had only been walking for half an hour. Other days that I went around the track it took me about 45 minutes to walk the field twice. The thing is, I realized was that I was walking in my own tracks for three days so it was easier to walk. It was no longer a challenging track so on my third rotation I jumped off the beaten path and made a new trail.

The going was harder but much more rewarding. I began to think more and more about how that related to blogging. There are certainly some people that I admire and attempt to emulate. I know that my path needs to be my own and I cannot walk in the footsteps of others no matter how easy it might be. Making my own success is only going to happen when I step off the path made by others and do my own thing. One last thing if you are following the track of others you will not catch up with them you’ll always be a step or two behind. By making your own path you become a leader to follow.

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