LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros
Photo-A-Day #4658

I’m loving these little LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros. These are little vehicles that are themed for each character. I think that there should be a LEGO video game that was all about racing these Marvel Mighty Micros. They make me think about the Wacky Racers from Hanna-Barbera.

Some of my favorite cars are the Milano with Star Lord. They did a great job making this with minimal bricks. I also like the Sandman’s dump truck and the fact that Scarlet Spider is chasing him down with a shovel. The best piece out of all of them is the Mix Tape that Nebula is holding.

I also have an Iron Man vs. Thanos set but am not sure where that one is. I’m kicking myself that I never picked up the Captain America vs. Red Skull and Hulk vs. Ultron. Now these are super hard to find and expensive.

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