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Last month I took a quick last minute trip to Chicago to learn about Shop Your Way other Sears and Kmart initiatives and also mygofer.com. Mygofer.com is a site that let you shop at your local Kmart for anything that you need. You can make a list of food, clothes, even electronics and outdoor products and order them online to have them delivered (in certain areas) or ready for pickup inside the store or curbside. We’ve used the service twice so far and it has gone very well. Let me tell you about our two uses of the service.

The first time we used mygofer.com was when I was working on a campaign where I was to buy a patio set from Kmart. Well, we knew which one we wanted so we placed the order online through mygofer.com. I used a $20 credit that I was given in order to try the service. I also used my ShopYourWay Rewards credits to help pay for the set. So I ended up saving $38.19 on the set which not only covered taxes but even made the overall purchase a great price on top of the amazing sale price for the whole set. So I placed the order through mygofer.com and was able to pay through PayPal.com. The order was ready within two hours so when we went to Kmart we just had to give our name at customer service and our order was wheeled right out to the van.

The second time I used the program was today. Allison has a big backyard party happening tomorrow with moms and kids. She needed a few last minute things and in order to save some time we used mygofer.com. Allison looked through the website and found some napkins and paper plates. That was pretty basic stuff but since it has been wicked hot here we decided to get a special sprinkler for the kids to play with so we were able to get that as well. Then when Allison was off at a massage I added a LEGO set to the order as well. I completed placing the order and at checkout you can designate someone else to pick up the order in the store. Allison would be out and about so I put it under her name.

When you designate someone to pick up your order you add their e-mail but Allison did not get a message. I think the service could be improved so that the person picking up the order could be automatically notified with a text message or something like that. I got a message that the order was ready so I forwarded it on to Allison and let her know that the order was complete and awaiting pickup. Turnaround on this order was also under 2 hours. When you place an order it says allow three hours for pickup but both of ours were quicker than that. So, Allison went to Kmart, right to the service desk and gave her name. Our order came right out and she was back in her car quickly. Everything was already paid for so it was even quicker. You do have the option to pay inside the store upon pickup as well.

Our mygofer.com order. I snuck in that LEGO set.

Both times we used mygofer.com we had a good time of it. I’d love it if around me they had the home delivery service as well but we do have in store pickup as well as curbside so that is cool. I’ll have to try curbside next time.

Disclosure: I received two $20 credits to try out the mygofer.com program. Opinions about the service are 100% my own.

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