Life Savings: Do UTango?

I learned about a new and interesting rewards program. It is called utango rewards program and the concept is simple. You are going to spend money online and most likely spend a lot of it. Why don’t you get real tangible rewards from that spending? Sure you can earn airline miles, or other rewards points but with Utango you earn money towards a life savings. Utango is only open to US residents who are single and getting married, engaged or married less than three years. And in order to stay in good standing you need to remain married. Wow, a company actually encouraging people to stay married. Utango has a huge merchant directory where you can earn TANGO bucks for your account.

I am really interested in this program and Allison and I qualify for it, and we are online shoppers. We’ll have to check it out further but it sounds like a cool idea. Membership is free to qualified applicants. Since we are young enough we could even earn up to a million dollars for our retirement. And it is easy to earn our TANGO bucks because there are over 300 online stores to choose from, many that we already use. The uTango Rewards Program has many options for participants and you should check into whether or not you qualify for the program. I have seen no other rewards program pays more for member loyalty, and is so easy to use.

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