Lily on a Fence

Photo-A-Day #2271

When I got home from work today I took a quick nap and headed over to the new house. I’m at the stage of removing wallpaper. I scored the master bedroom the other day so I had three rooms to go. I started with Eva’s room and found that the wallpaper came right off the wall. I completely removed the wallpaper from her walls. I was happy that at least one room ended up with easy wallpaper removal.

As I finished each room I vacuumed it and then moved on to the next. My next room was the future office/crafting room/Mimi’s Room. This wallpaper was put on much longer ago and so I needed to completely score that so that I can try and remove it tomorrow. I also scored the Nursery wallpaper as well. It took a while but the rooms are all scored and one of them is completely stripped.

Work continues tomorrow and I also uploaded a bunch of photos from the four rooms upstairs.

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4 thoughts on “Lily on a Fence”

  1. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but they not only have chalkboard paint, but they have magnet paint now too. You can use the magnetic paint as a primer and then stick magnets on the wall instead of stickers.

    1. Andrea,

      Good idea, however we’re talking very large decorative stickers, not small stickers. I have heard of those paints and might set a small area to use them.

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