When I travel I am very happy to rent a car that has Sirius Satellite Radio. I end up traveling to some very out of the way places and having the ability to listen to great radio like Sirius Satellite Radio is a godsend on those long drives. I enjoy being able to listen to comedy on those drive. Stations on Sirius like Raw Dog and Blue Collar Comedy keep me laughing till I get to my destination. If I had a portable radio like the SIRIUS Stratus 4 Radio I could take that on trips with me and even plug it in to additional accessories like the SIRIUS Plug & Play Universal Home Kit. That way I can always have over 130 channels of programming at my disposal 24/7.

Listening to the comedy stations I get to hear comedians signature bits. There are many classics I enjoy listening to but also some of the newer comics. For instance Jim Breuer has his own show on Raw Dog called Jim Breuer Unleashed. I loved his sketches on SNL and now he gets to interview other comedians on his show. You know that it is going to be incredibly fun to listen to. I haven’t had a car with Sirius Satellite Radio in a while so I haven’t caught the show but I see that he just had Jerry Seinfeld on recently. Man, Jerry is everywhere with that Bee Movie stuff.

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