Listing my blogs

There are tons of online directories out there and I have just started scratching the surface with listing my blogs. I had a blog on Blogger for 4 years. I then moved that blog to a self hosted one using WordPress to maintain it. Overnight my well known and established blog was a nobody. What to do?

Well I exchanged links with many friends who were in the same boat and I began to get my new blog listed on many blog directories. Someone is going to want to see my Photo-a-Day project especially now that it is nearly 2 years old.

I have found a couple that I really like. For example Outpost earth list me each time I post a new post to my blog. They are also listing my blog in many different places. The front page, the Massachusetts page, the Art page and the Photography page. That is a lot of exposure just by using my RSS feed.

I’ve also been listed on FuelMyBlog for months and the exposure I’ve been getting from that site has been wonderful.

I listed my blog with Blog Top Sites and BlogFlux today. We shall see how that works out for incoming links.

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