Photo-A-Day #2570

Eva and I made the Captain America’s Avenging Cycle LEGO set. She loves putting the minifigs together. I promised her that we would do the LEGO sets today. I slept poorly and ended up just making the one set with her this morning and maybe tomorrow or Monday we will do the other. At least with this set she got to put together three minifigs. Captain America and a few of the baddies. I don’t yet know who the bad guys are and probably could search for it somewhere online but I’d like to be surprised when I see the movie with Uncle Mike.

We relaxed today and didn’t do much exploring. It was a day to recoup. Eva wore Grandpa Dano out playing Doc McStuffins for hours on end. I made a new video for the Kia Sorento and focused on the Navigation system of the vehicle. I like that system a lot. There are so many cool features for it too. I’ll post that video on a separate post.

For dinner tonight we went to Bru’s Room. I like going there for the delicious wings and they even have fried pickles. We got those to share and I also got a Steak and Cheese, I ordered a French Onion Philly though and didn’t realize it till I was pretty well through my first half. It was okay though because they make a delicious Steak and Cheese. I could only eat half so brought the rest home.

$3.25 of smiles

Eva entertained herself by getting things out of the little vending machines. She got some Marvel themed soft balls and one Sponge Bob themed one plus a small alien and a superball and something else. It was $3.25 that kept her entertained. Then she played with a few other kids who had a squishy rubber football. That kid can make friends anywhere. It was cute to watch.

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One Response to “Literally Assembling Avengers”

  1. Kuldeep says:

    As a kid, i used to have a lego obsession. My pocket money always dwindled away on lego. But now as an adult (professionally a dentist), i am unable to pursue my childhood hobbie. Lucky you can still do cool stuff as a grown up.
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