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Today was the annual Little Blessings Sunday event. It is a nice event for the kids at Eva’s School. They learn a few songs with lyrics and hand motions that they perform at Sunday service at the church where she goes to school. We make sure to go so that she can participate. It makes for a bad sleep day for me but is so worth it to be there to see her. She does such a great job on the stage.

Have I mentioned that she needs a theater program? Already? This week? Yep!

My sister, Shelby, was able to come and see Eva do her songs. Afterwards there was a little gathering with snacks and Eva got to spend a little time with Shelby while we chased Andrew around the place.

The title of this post also refers to my sister having a baby and Eva going to have a new little cousin in a few months. We’ve already worked the baby into our nightly prayers and the baby is referred to as “… and my new baby cousin”. Eva already has a lot of love for her new baby cousin and loves getting a chance to see Auntie Shelby. So she’s going to be even more excited when she gets to see Auntie Shelby and her new baby cousin when that new baby cousin is born.

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4 Responses to “Little Blessings Sunday”

  1. Shelby says:

    I also can’t wait to see Eva with her new baby cousin, she is going to be so good, just like she is with Andrew. Eva is such a natural on stage and I just love how excited she gets on stage when she finally spots you in the audience. Thank you for inviting me I always enjoy our time together.

    • Drew says:


      She does like the stage and yes her energy level is very high especially when she spots family in the audience. I would have liked to have gotten the performance on video this time around, too.

  2. Grandfather says:

    Eva does say the most meaningful things at the most appropriate moments. She is so sweet, but then she does have some good role models in her life.

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