Littlest Angel

Photo-A-Day #1706

This is an ornament that Eva got from our Aunt Candy. We’re excited to set up Eva’s tree and nativity scene this weekend. This ornament will be going on her tree. She got a tiny artificial tree when she was born along with a few ornaments and a string of lights. This year I think she’s going to really enjoy decorating it as well as putting up the nativity set.

Today I received a pretty cool package with some gifts for you, dear readers. Yes, I negotiated a very cool new product that I’ve talked about in the past, but an older version. I’ve only opened up the box of the new version and already I’m loving it so much. Can’t wait to make this a contest for you.

Speaking of contests I have some Affiliate Summit West 2010 Gold Passes up for grabs. I’ll post the details of that contest very, very soon.

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4 thoughts on “Littlest Angel”

  1. PRETTY ornament!! Is that a Willow Tree? I think those are so sweet:) I love the idea of Evaboo having her own little tree-that’s such a cool tradition:)

  2. Willow Tree is a brand of sentimental figurines, mostly angels, that are characterized by not having faces, so you can translate the emotion however you want to interpret it. Some people find them creepy, but I love them:)

    1. Mo,
      Around here Willow Tree is the famous chicken farm that makes great chicken salad and chicken pot pies. Great, now I want a chicken pot pie. 🙂 I don’t think the angel is a Willow tree one though, it doesn’t say anything on it and I removed the tag.

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