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We try to expose Eva to many different events. Last weekend we took her to see a free kids concert given by Ellis Paul. This week we went to the Newport Folk Festival and saw Jimmy Buffett perform. Eva likes music very much, she even taps to the beat once in a while. She loves dancing with Momma and Dada too.

Taking a child to a large outdoor event like this can be a challenge, especially with one so young. Here are a few pros for taking your child to the event.

1.) They are exposed to some place different.
2.) They can people watch.
3.) They learn to be flexible, changing up the routine is a good thing.
4.) You get some cute as hell photos.
5.) You get out of the house.

Some cons for taking the child with you.

1.) You can’t always stay as long.
2.) Diaper changes don’t happen unless your favorite song is playing.
3.) You can’t plan for everything.
4.) They could be perfectly fine on the drive over but scream during the whole event.
5.) You can’t party like you used to.

I had a hard time coming up with cons because for the most part they are more selfish reasons than anything. They cons don’t really apply to us anyway as Eva is a really relaxed kid. I did learn a few things when we went however.

1.) Make sure that there are enough things to keep your kid occupied. Don’t count on the music to keep them entertained the whole time.
2.) Double check your diaper supplies (there is nothing like walking a mile back to the car for 1 diaper)
3.) This is a given but… Watch them constantly, Eva tried to eat the grass.
4.) Don’t forget the camera.

I truly believe that because we take Eva with us all over she’s going to be a pretty adaptable kid. There is a need for structure but it shouldn’t be totally inflexible either. Changing things up from time to time is a good thing.

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