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Photo-A-Day #1807

What a whirlwind day with our family. Allison and Eva went to the YMCA to do Zumba and Child Watch. While they were there they met up with our friends Michele and her kids. I was off at Walmart getting a Norelco Razor for my Collective Bias mission. I’ll be writing that up tomorrow when I actually use the razor.

I’ve been working with Collective Bias and have done a few great missions for Genesis Today. This time I went to Walmart for a cool mission to pick out a Norelco electric razor. I planned ahead and looked up what kind of razor I wanted. I also found a $10 coupon for a new Norelco Electric Razor so I could get more than the $100 gift card that I was given for the mission. I got the best they had at the store and the store was very empty of products. I was disappointed in the selection. But I am happy with the one I picked. Tomorrow I try it out.

After that I ran over to Wild Time Comics to pick up my books. While I was there I introduced Randy to Rock Sugar Band. Randy is part of the band WildTime. I haven’t seen them play but I want to. Also I checked in on foursquare and because of it my friend Savvy Susie tweeted that she used to sing with WildTime, the world is so small. That was a very cool tweet.

As I was getting back in the car Allison called me and said that Michele told her that the annual Easter Egg hunt at Capron Park was today and that we could go and then hit up McDonalds for lunch afterwards. I shot over there and caught a parking spot. I was using Qik on my cell phone but for some reason it only recorded a two minute video, it recorded nothing of Eva actually hunting for eggs.

We had a fun time and this year Eva actually got to get some eggs. Last year she was a little too slow and young. The field is covered with eggs and within two minutes all eggs were picked up like two legged vacuums. There are many kids who pick up a ton of eggs. It would be nice if parents would limit the number of eggs that each child picks up so every kid can get one. Then I think, maybe those kids who pick up all the eggs probably don’t have their own egg hunts at home. Of course then my cynical side kicks in and I figure that it probably is more the case that the kids picking everything up already have more than enough and don’t know how to share. I’ll have to try and keep that first thought in my head.

We popped over to McDonalds and the five of us had a nice meal. Eva and I shared her ketchup which had a fine caramel flavor to it. I had forgotten about her eclectic tastes in dipping sauces. After lunch the kids played in the playground area. They had a really fun time. It is wonderful watching Eva interact, she is so kind and she sees how other kids are playing.

I got to enjoy much more time with Eva because once we got home we left Allison to relax. Eva and I went over to World War I Memorial Park. We played at the great big playground at the top of the park and then made our way down to where the animals live. Eva’s favorite thing to do at the park is the slides. She loves the slides so much. Today she was able to climb all over the slides and go up and down everything. She is getting more steady but I still worry and I have my hands out right behind her in case she slips. She did great. She fed a carrot to a pony and we walked all around the park and then to Julia’s Garden. We stopped there and played with those Easter themed Bubble wands. She really does love those Soapy Bubbles.

It was a great day and the weather was more than perfect. We had so much fun.

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