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This post is long overdue and I wanted to get it out right after IZEAFest 2008 but things got a little crazy busy.

This is my friend Ashley. He works for IZEA and was the driving force behind IZEAFest 2008. Ashley contacted all the speakers and worked with everyone involved from the venue to the lunch location. He’s an unsung hero of IZEA that I want to recognize.

I’ve known Ashley for a few years now. We met face to face at Collegefest 2007. He is a great guy who works his butt off. I am very happy to call him one of my friends and look forward to our next IZEA adventure.

He is also someone who keeps the IZEA community informed through Twitter as himself Social_Citizen and as IZEAinc. He is an important Team Member of IZEA and he even went and sent out recognition items to the speakers including me. Very cool.

I was a speaker

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8 Responses to “Long Overdue Praise”

  1. Karen says:

    I agree! Ashley is an asset to IZEA and I am happy to know him.

  2. Carri says:

    I wholeheartedly second that! Ashley is AMAZING to work with, always positive, always organized and always focused on the next big thing. He makes work a better place and did a phenomenal job with IZEAFest. Can I get a W00t!

  3. Drew says:

    Absolutely. He’s the man!

  4. Drew says:

    I agree, every time I’ve worked with Ashley has been a very positive experience. Actually every time I’ve worked with anyone at IZEA I’ve had a positive experience. You guys all deserve a WOOT!!

  5. […] them. I am so glad to call many of them my friends. And IZEAFest wouldn’t happen without Ashley. That man […]

  6. Ashley is so awesome – I even have a pic of him up on my office wall! It’s true – I just love that pic, that he and Veronique snuck in my sweet package of IZEA shwag!! They both are the bomb diggity – I miss V.!!

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  7. Drew says:

    I noticed that V had been quiet and then I saw on facebook she said something about things she missed about Florida. I have to message her. Ash and V are awesome!

  8. […] way about them. I am so glad to call them my friends. IZEAFest wouldn’t happen without Ashley. That man […]

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