Long Slow Walk

Long Slow Walk
Photo-A-Day #1293

Today after the demonstrations I took the Tripod down to the river to get some shots. I played around with the manual settings to see what I could get for shots on this cloudy day. This is the one I liked the most. In the distance is the lighthouse in the area. I am going to drive around tomorrow and try to find it and get a better shot.

Demos went well today for the most part. I was able to keep awake for most of them. I did nod off per usual which stinks because the beds in this hotel are awesome and I’ve slept so well in them. I’ve even been getting to bet early, I have no clue why I keep falling asleep. Well, that is not true. It is very hard to stay awake watching demo after demo with the florescent lights, the hum of the computer and the projector. Eventually everything falling into that soft soothing rhythm that makes it impossible to keep my eyes open. I’ve got to figure out how to stay awake though because it is not going to be a good thing if I keep falling asleep in the demos of the people I am training.

I’ve been really enjoying the new affiliate program through Social Spark, each day a new affiliate comes on the scene and today a very very cool one started up. This one is called My WhiteWalls.com. They sell some amazing modern art. Take a look and see for yourself.

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  1. Karen,
    thanks very much, I’d like it better if the metal railings on the left closest to the water were gone but otherwise I am happy with the results.

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