LOST: 04/04/07 – He Said

I liked last night’s lost episode but I think last week’s was better because it was more intense. Sure in this episode the “smoke monster” was seen again and we see it’s weakness against the sonic perimeter fence. My theory is that the “Smoke Monster” is a swarm of nanobots. The reason I think this is that they act together as a swarm. Has anyone read Michael Crichton’s novel Prey? In that book nanobots could swarm together and replicate people. Look at the cover of the book, if that didn’t look like the “smoke monster” then nothing will.

I believe that science created those nanos and they now roam free and wreak havoc or are beneficial to the islands inhabitants.

Nanos would explain how Locke was healed. Follow me on this one. If the plane crashed where there were some nanobots and the nanobots were built to replicate and fix things then wouldn’t it stand to reason that Locke’s broken back could have been fixed by some nanobots. And if the nanos sensed that some of their brethren were living inside John Locke wouldn’t they spare him and not destroy him.

That is a pretty wacky theory but I would guess that some of the experiments on the island were on nano-technology.

I am really enjoying the interaction between Hurley and Sawyer lately. Hurley can make manipulation look so nice too.

The big central plot of the episode was Kate and Juliette being hand-cuffed together. Sure, that made for a good fight in the middle of the episode and a chance for the girls to bond a bit too. I liked how Juliette took Kate down when Kate tried to whack her with a pool cue. Those were some fancy moves.

However I don’t trust Juliette and part of the reason is that she knows so much and she had a key the entire time. So, did the others actually bring them there or is this a set up to get Juliette into the Lostie’s camp? Will that be revealed this season? Why would the Others leave their nice homes on the island and go somewhere else?

Next week is another Juliette centric episode. I’m looking forward to finding out something more about this fertility doctor turned Other’s exile.

Check out Sparky’s View for the She Said Version of LOST 04/04/07. And I am sad to reveal that next week’s episode is #20. We are not far from the end of the season people. And I do not like that at all.

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