Looks like LOST will be back with Episode 19: Deus Ex Machina sooner than I thought. Apparently the schedule has been changed so that the new episode for LOST will be on March 30th instead of April 13th. It also looks like the final two episodes on the season final will be 2.5 hours instead of 2 hours. Awesome!

The full 1st season of LOST will be out on DVD on September 6, 2005. Pre Order It below.

Also completely randomly today I was searching for the definition of adenocarcinoma for a project at work, and I stumbled upon the celebrity dictionary project for Breastcancer.org. Celebrities like Richard Roundtree (Shaft) and Willard Scott lend their voices to the definitions of words related to breast cancer.

Also I have found a new thing called My Calendar which allows me to put up my Calendar and share if with everyone and let people add events to the calendar. It’s gonna be a great way to keep up on where I am across the country or where Allison and I are going to be seeing our favorite singers. It is kinda buggy sometimes, I find I have to refresh the interface often.

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No Responses to “LOST Hiatus Cut Short”

  1. mo says:

    last night i had a bad dream about lost…and i don’t even watch it…crazy. also…”My MoBlog” looks like you have a blog dedicated to me…which, let’s face it…is not a bad idea.

  2. Drew says:

    Well, it coulld have been a true “MO”Blog if you atteneded any of the past lovefests. Unfortunately, you did not so therefore the moblog is 100% mo-less and only 95% bloggy.

    What was the bad dream?

  3. Anonymous says:

    touche. you’ve made me sad.

    it was about the chick who is having the baby…it was gross and i wish not to get into details because it would scare you to know the innerworkings of my mind. it honestly scares me that i could have a dream like it…so sorry charlie…(not the character on the show).

    peace out.

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