Lost, Law and Order, and a new CSI…

Well it looks like Wednesday night will be the reason for multiple VCR’s. J.J. Abrams new show “Lost” premiered last night and it was awesome. The pacing, the feeling of terror and confusion and the unknown. I think this series will be one that I will try and catch each week.

Law an Order has a new face Dennis Farina has replaced the retired Jerry Orbach as the new older detective with some moxie. Farina brings a humor and edge to the series as a detective who could easily pass for a mobster. From his martinis to his huge money clip, (with the big bills on the outside, like Pacino says to Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco [And as an aside, Mike Newell the director of Donnie Brasco is now working on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I can just picture Pacino as Mad Eye Moody]), to his ride, and his tough guy attitude, I may actually enjoy having Brisco gone.

If you’d like to see Farina in a lesser known work but very funny rent Dave Barry’s Big Trouble, you will laugh.

I didn’t get to see CSI New York or Rescue Me last night but taped them. Not sure if I am going to get into another CSI since CSI Miami is the one I really like but they killed off Speed and that bugs me. I liked that character.

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