Well I just watched the newest episode of LOST. It was a Locke-centric episode. Again a great episode. And the previews of next week hint at a character dying. It would be highly unlikely that a character would die, who was hinted at dying in the preview. Won’t happen. We’ll find out next week.

Current Poll results for who will die before the season ends.

Who will die before the season ends.

Jack 18 %
(2 votes)
Sayid 0 %
(0 votes)
Charlie 9 %
(1 votes)
Hurley 0 %
(0 votes)
Sawyer 0 %
(0 votes)
Michael 0 %
(0 votes)
Locke 9 %
(1 votes)
Boone 18 %
(2 votes)
Walt 9 %
(1 votes)
Jin 27 %
(3 votes)
Kate 0 %
(0 votes)
Claire 0 %
(0 votes)
Shannon 0 %
(0 votes)
Sun 0 %
(0 votes)
Rose 0 %
(0 votes)
French Lady 9 % (1 votes)
Total votes 11

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