Love Puppy

Love Puppy
Photo-A-Day #1510

Eva has a little puppy called the Laugh and Learn Puppy. The puppy plays all sorts of songs as well as says the different body parts as you touch them. The puppy also says “I Love You”. It is so cute that Eva says “I Love You” back. Tonight she carried puppy all around the house and put puppy on her ‘motorcycle’. Then she pushed puppy around the hallway.

Not only am I looking forward to the new Transformers movie coming out in less than a month I’m also excited about the next Transformers game based on the movie. I liked the first game well enough but apparently the next game, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, is going to be even more awesome. Our good friend Mike came over tonight and we were talking about the movie and the game. Mike had not seen the first game so tonight we played for a while. Man it was so satisfying playing that and being able to smash pretty much everything in sight. The next movie/game is going to be awesome.

I am an amazon affiliate and that means if you go and buy something from through this blog then I make a little money, usually $15 a month or so, no biggie. Today I checked to see what the latest purchases were and I was surprised to see these two purchases. Mind you I never put up links to either of these items except for right at this moment. Someone must have gotten hungry while reading the blog and figured that Kraft Noodle Classics with Savory Chicken would be tasty. And someone else must have felt a bit sick reading the blog because they ordered Swine Flu N95 Face Respiratory Mask Respirator.Particulate Respirators , Dust & Swine Flu Mask, 15 IN THE BOX PLUS 5 FREE. I wonder if anything stranger will be purchased through this blog.

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3 thoughts on “Love Puppy”

  1. Ah I remember that puppy well. My daughter played with it quite a bit when she was younger. The Laugh and Learn Chair was also a huge hit at our house.

    I just saw your post on Flickr about your grandmother, so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you. I lost my Grandfather last year, I had so many fond memories of him growing up.

  2. Celina,
    Laugh and Learn stuff is all over the house, we have the house, the chair, the puppy and the purse. I want to get her the toolbelt but when do you stop you know.

    Thanks for the thoughts for my Grandmother. I just posted my thoughts, memories and ramblings.

  3. Somehow stumbled across this site, and enjoying your random photo shots down the left hand side. Nice personalisation idea.

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