Love the Media Center

We love using the old computer as a media center. It has been awesome. The most fun thing we have done with it lately is to run the webcam so we can talk to our friends in South Dakota. But beyond that we also set the Picture in Picture on the computer to run the webcam on the bottom right side of the screen and we played Guitar Hero 3 with our friends through the wi-fi connection on the Wii.

The one thing we need to work on is the moments when we got some major feedback while playing, other than that it worked like a charm. Also I love that we can load up all our CDs and record our favorite shows without having to think about it. So much fun.

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6 thoughts on “Love the Media Center”

  1. We spend a fair amount of time in front of the TV. We hardly ever watch DVDs with so many shows that we enjoy watching on live TV. The media center makes sure that I don’t have to reprogram the VCR every week.

  2. We do this as well, in fact I work from a laptop and have the desktop for media items, such as movies and music. What a world we live in!

  3. We used to do this but since the computer died recently it is no longer an option.

  4. Hey……… I am feeling so sad to see that you have stopped blogging a really nice blog. What is the main reason.?

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