Lovefest III: Continued

Okay so pictures have not gone up yet. I have posted them to Ophoto and should be able to link to them but if you wait one more day there will be photos on the MoBlog. Once they are on the MoBlog then you can see at least 60 of them. I haven’t had any takers on people signing up for MoBlog so I can get a full account and the ability to upload more photos and change the colors and whatnot.

How was Lovefest this year? It was a great time of course. Ken in his great and wonderful imagination came up with a fantastic contest for everyone’s enjoyment, but more on that later. Here’s my recap. I actually was at the preLovefest preparation. If you enjoyed the cupcakes, then you can thank Alicia, if you liked the frosting on top, well that was me and the frosting knife. Again this year the spread was great, Alicia made a fantastic dip that was inhaled by everyone who was there early, sorry about that everyone who came later. Ken got some wonderful gifts for the grab bag including many that were of an Easter theme. There were photos from past Lovefests hung all around the apartment along with many decorations. Ken put together a great selection of themed music as well. I picked up some Pete’s Wicked Wanderlust Cream Ale, it was really good stuff, as evidenced by the quick disappearance of the six pack, by me. Dan was there when Allison and Elise and I arrived. He brought along copies of one of his articles from back at the St. A’s Crier. Then Patrick read the article and we had a great time remembering the humor of those by-gone days. Attendance was a little sparse this year. I only gave out 24 number for the door prizes. While I did most certainly enjoy the company of those in attendance I did miss seeing attendees of year’s past. I hope that everyone will enjoy the photos when I actually post them. I think I got a picture of everyone who attended except for Chris P. (Sorry Chris, by the time you got there my batteries had died. Although I wonder if I can get the security tape from the Shell Station, because that picture would be the BEST!)

Throughout the night Ken called for numbers for the door prize and I was in charge of handing out numbers and picking them out of a hat, the hat I am wearing in the picture here. Ken would call out a request for a door prize number and I would flip down the hat and pull a number. Everyone got a great prize and I think I got each person’s reaction as they picked their prizes. Chuck seemed very very happy with his prize, not sure why, but he was happy.

Ken’s big contest this year had to do with acronyms, he had 6 or 7 different acronyms on sheets of paper that had to do with the attendees and their activities, for instance he had BLOG written on one sheet of paper and it had to do with me. The object was to write a little phrase or something like that, which would replace what those letters stood for. And since it was Lovefest and we had many creative people in the room, I cannot post any of the responses here, ever. But they were funny. And Buddah was our big winner. Good job Buddah! All in all Lovefest III was a great time and I am looking forward to Lovefest IV.

Oh and by the way, like my shirt, best line of the night was from Sarah, “My grandmother has that same wallpaper!”. Not sure if she was making a Garden State Reference but if so that makes it even more funny. Gotta love target and their no one else wanted it rack that is upwards of 50% off. Actually the hat cost more than the shirt. Thanks for the hat Ken.

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