Geek Dad with his future Geek Son, Big Transformers Fans

Running Crazy Errands All Day But Loving Family Time

Running Crazy Errands All Day But Loving Family Time
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Today we were off and running. Well okay Eva was up and running at 6 till we told her to go to sleep or at least play quietly for another hour. But after that we were running.

I dropped Eva at school got a haircut jumped over to Toys R Us to look for Skylanders but found a very cool table on clearance. This table is a combination LEGO table and craft table for kids. I didn’t buy it but ran over to Triple Play Car Wash to get my car done after about 4 years. I seriously never wash the thing. There is a handprint from Eva where I ask her to touch the car when she gets out of the car. There is even the word Dirty still written by the finger of my buddy Ken back in ’05. So it was overdue for the wash.

Hanging at Triple Play
Hanging at Triple Play, Nice Seats!

Triple Play did a great job for my car inside and out. I had gone there last July because I took the Convertible Chevy Camaro there to get detailed. They did a great job that I knew I’d go back when I wanted to wash my car. They finished up about 11:10, I had texted Allison the photo of the craft/LEGO table and we decided to buy it (I imagined making one of these but it would actually cost more than this table was). I ran back to Toys ‘R Us and picked up the table. It was in the back. I waited to for them to bring it over and was practically vibrating out of my shoes because I was worried about being late to pick up Eva. I got the table at the last possible minute shoved it into my trunk (it barely fit) and booked it to pick up Eva. I got there in time so that was good.

The New LEGO table.
I wonder who is going to have more fun with this, Me or Eva

Once home I mowed the lawn (finally, it was getting to be a crazy jungle out there). I learned that Allison’s iPhone would not turn out. I tried a few things to turn it back on and it didn’t work. I plugged it in and tried again. No deal. So I made an appointment with the Apple Store and then another appointment to go to Isis Parenting to pick up a new Booster seat for Eva.

But that was all after I recorded an episode of Geek Dads Weekly with Daniel M Clark. It has been a very long time since we’ve recorded a show together. We talked Game of Thrones, a Comic book convention and where I’ve been for the past three weeks.

Geek Dad with his future Geek Son, Big Transformers Fans
Geek Dad with his future Geek Son, Big Transformers Fans.

So, after the show we ran to a Parenting store (I am a Fellow for the year and am paid a stipend plus a gift card, which we used for the booster seat) to pick up Eva’s new Booster Seat plus a package of Grovia Biosoaker disposable inserts what we’ll use when we go to the Cape in July. We used them when we went to Florida on vacation and they worked great.

Eva's New Booster Seat
Eva’s New Booster Seat from Isis

We ran from there to the Apple store and got our genius appointment. A minute into the appointment the genius was able to boot up the phone by doing EXACTLY what I had done. Apparently you have to shut them down fully once in a while. So we did well there.

Andrew Hanging at the Apple Store
Andrew Hanging at the Apple Store

We had dinner at B Good for dinner. They make great burgers from local farmers. The place was amazing, fresh cut fries, fresh made chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries.

Now that is a tasty burger
Burgers with Jalapenos are becoming my thing.

After dinner we popped over to JP Licks and got some ice cream. I got an ice cream cookie and Eva a cone with jimmies and Allison some Margarita Sorbet. Excellent as ever. The cookies were fantastic too!

Loving JP Licks
Loving JP Licks

So we had a great day and got a ton of things done even if we were just running ragged from place to place.

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