Loving the Sunshine

Loving the Sunshine
Photo-A-Day #1571

I’m really enjoying the sunshine around here lately. Not a fan of the mugginess though.

For some reason Tweetdeck on my laptop is not working correctly. Something happened to it today and the next thing you know my Tweetdeck just completely stops working. I realize how much I have become dependent upon Tweetdeck to filter the information coming to me through Twitter. I switched back to TwitterFox and it was pretty much just noise. Trying to use Twitter effectively really requires a program like TwitterFox.

To try and fix this I uninstalled Adobe Air and also uninstalled Tweetdeck. I reinstalled both but no luck. I cannot click on settings on Tweetdeck or do anything to set up my accounts again. I don’t know what I should do to fix this.

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2 thoughts on “Loving the Sunshine”

  1. Well, don’t do what I just did…ask my honey “Why does my Twitter look funny?”

    It just seems like a question you should save for a doctor.
    .-= Look at what Andrea wrote blog ..Lambert PhotoS =-.

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