Loving Wednesdays

Photo-A-Day #2945

With the new swimming lesson schedule Eva is now going to lessons right after school gets out. This means that we have an hour to get from school to swimming and have lunches as well. The Y is close to a nice park and Eva and I can have picnic lunches. Today at lunch she leaned over to me and said, “I’m so glad that you are my dad.” My heart just up and melted. We had a nice lunch and then swimming went well after I was able to convince her to get into the pool.

When getting her read for the pool I hooked her shirt on her wiggly front tooth and it became more wiggly. She was all freaked out that her tooth would fall out in the pool. She thought that the pool water would make the tooth fall out. It didn’t make the tooth fall out and neither did ice cream, which for some reason she thinks makes loose teeth get pulled out also. We had the ice cream at Bliss Bros Dairy. The restaurant was completely remodeled and looks great inside. The new decor is excellent. The food remains as good as ever. It was a nice evening with the kids.

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    1. Tanya,

      I know, she just comes out with these things. She is noticing more about other parents too and I think she is realizing on a small level that she’s luckier than a lot of kids around where we live.

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