LowePro Camera Bags

This summer Allison borrowed a camera from Andrea when Andrea got her D50 Nikon. Allison and I did a few camera days where we went out and took pictures. I bought her an SD600 for Valentine’s Day and gave it to her last night. I also picked up two LowePro Ridge 10 camera bags. I love these bags, For one thing they were only $8.95. That is a great price. They fit the SD600 and SD800 perfectly plus they have a belt loop, a carrying strap (we both took ours off) two pockets in addition to the main camera pocket (which is padded and lined with a soft liner that will not scratch the LCD screens). I bought a blue one and a red one and asked Allison to guess which one was hers. Since I buy blue for everything I own she picked the red one the correct one for her. I am very satisfied with this purchase. The case is even slightly smaller than my old case for the Sanyo Xacti C4. I’m going to put the Sanyo up on e-bay and sell it soon. So you can pick it up on the cheap when I do.

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