Macro Mondays: Blue 05/14/07

This week’s theme for Macro Mondays is Blue. I shot these two photos at the Charlotte, NC airport.

Macro Mondays #1 05/14/ Theme: Blue
Some Harley Davidson sunglasses, in Blue

Macro Mondays #2 05/14/07
A Duke University Baseball cap with the Blue Devil mascot. Notice the stitching.

Macro Mondays #3 - 05/14/07 - Theme: Blue
A Blue “Stress Ball” shaped like a truck. It was in our yard sale this weekend. Didn’t notice how dusty it was till I shot it with the macro setting.

Macro Mondays #4 - 05/14/07 - Theme: Blue
A little Valentine plate with a Blue heart, it was in the yard sale.

Macro Mondays #5 - 05/14/07 - Theme: Blue
Some glass pebbles in a glass bowl, again, didn’t know they were that dusty till I shot with a macro.

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