This week’s theme was B&W macro photos. Here are my contributions.

Macro Mondays #5 05/28/07 Theme: B&W Macro Mondays #4 05/28/07 Theme: B&W Macro Mondays #3 05/28/07 Theme: B&W
Macro Mondays #2 05/28/07 Theme: B&W Macro Mondays #1 05/28/07 Theme: B&W

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8 Responses to “Macro Mondays: B&W 05/28/07”

  1. Flo says:

    Your photos are great. I found you via the do-follow blogroll. Also, I voted for you at Blog for a year. You’re at 489 – Good Luck.

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks very much Flo. I’ll be checking out your blog very soon. I appreciate the visit.Come back when you can as I take and post photos every single day and have been doing so for 780 days straight.

  3. Lizz says:

    Very cool I like the wheel one the best! I also voted for you good luck!!

  4. Drew says:

    Thanks Lizz, glad you stopped by, hope you come back for more photos. Thanks for the vote too.

  5. chonk says:

    Nice. I like your B&W work.
    Are you familiar with Holga cameras?
    If not, google them, I think you’d enjoy one.


  6. Drew says:

    Thanks Chink. I have got to check out those cameras. I am not familiar with them.

  7. No Name Given says:

    For the most part I agree with you, Drew.
    Your photos are great.

  8. Drew says:

    This comment was an obvious attempt to get a link on this blog. Why? First of all you left 2 comments on this post and two on another. They are older posts and you used a keyword as your name and your comments don’t even pertain to the posts. If you want to get a link on this blog then use my PPP Direct button. You violated my comment policy, read it and follow it or your comments will not be posted as intended.