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Photo-A-Day #1686

I’ve been playing with an Eye-Fi that I got from a SocialSpark opportunity and today before I left work I took a bunch of Macro shots of my Transformers. When I got home they automatically uploaded to my computer and to my Picasa Account. I’m trying to use Picasa more now along with Shuttercal, Zooomr and Flickr. There will be many more of them soon that I’ll be uploading to.

I chose the Perceptor one because I always found his character a bit annoying in the cartoon but now in the newest comics Perceptor is a bit of a bad ass. I’ve got these crazy thoughts going though my head on comics, kids TV shows like Sid The Science Kid on PBS and photography.

First the Transformers, I need to go and pick up my comic books because a brand new Transformers comic book has come out form IDW and I can’t wait to read it. I made sure that I didn’t get any spoilers about it so I’ll be entering that fresh. I haven’t been to the comic shop for a while so I think I’ll finally find out more about how Perceptor went from mild scientist to an assassin in the comics.

Eva loves watching Sid the Science Kid on PBS and I freaking love the show. Really, the kid is awesome. The school he attends has four kids, and a teacher who is prepared to talk about anything these kids want to learn, it is great. I love that Sid learns something in every episode too. The friends he has are so interesting, my favorite is Gerald, because I think that Gerald is just a tiny bit special. I expect on some episode we’re gonna see Gerald eat paste or run around with a bucket on his head.

As for photography I’ve been working on a special proposal for a special camera company. I’ve also been thinking about a completely crazy fun idea. It is in my hopes and dreams file in my head right now but I am going to figure out how to make it a reality. I guess Kim Ann Curtin, Jim Kukral, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ed Gerety and Walt Disney have really been influential and inspiring to me lately.

Okay this post was everywhere sorry about that. I kept my focus together for the post below on the Eye-Fi. Also you can win one, details below.

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